Frequently Asked Question

The decision to work abroad as a nurse requires intense consideration. While motivation is important, the more informed you are the more rewarding your experience is likely to be. A review of your reasons for wanting to work abroad will help you narrow your focus and assist you in determining which nursing job will meet your objectives. You will most likely be offered a job based on your previous career history. Later, once you have spent time working in an organization, you can expand your nursing skills and knowledge by pursuing another type of nursing job.

Communication plays a key role in the provision of healthcare. In order to effectively care for patients and practice safely, you should acquire a basic knowledge of the language of the country where you will be working.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), "Nurses are the largest category of health workers. Nursing personnel make up over 50 percent of the health workforce in every country of the world. In many countries in the developing world, more than 80 percent of health workers are nurses.” Because of a global nursing shortage and a higher demand for nursing services, healthcare organizations are faced with staffing dilemmas that are reaching crisis levels in certain places.

The Wonderful World of Nursing.Is a nursing career for you? Ask yourself these questions:

1. Has the idea of helping and caring for others always appealed to you?

2. Are you a good student in math and science?

3. Are you interested in a graduate education leading to a professional degree?

4. Would you like to pursue a fast-paced career where you'll be making important decisions that affect the health of the clients you care for? If you answered yes to the questions above, read on about the wonderful opportunities that await you as a nursing student at Bethany College of Nursing.