Our Facilities


The Library has a large collection of books by Indian and foreign authors. The Group has a very well equipped, spacious library with internet facility. It has adequate number of Books, journals, Periodicals and CDs to help the students and faculty to update their knowledge with latest advancements. We have books covering several disciplines. A well stocked library is an degree or diploma.
After students are taught a particular subject or topic in class, there learning is reinforced when they refer to the same in the library. We therefore constantly take measures to improve our library and its resources.


The Institute has a very well equipped computer Lab having 20 branded computers with internet facility. The facility provides the students an opportunity to fully understand the use of computers as an educational tool.


The Institute has various types of Labs. There are very well equipped Labs like, Fundamental Lab, Community Lab, OBG Lab, A.V Aids Lab, Science Lab, CHN Lab etc.